Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Welcome to Bitches in the Kitchen! I just wanted to lay out some guidelines for the blog, they'll be updated as we go and as we all think of things that should be added.

Please stick to these labels so we don't have recipes getting lost or not showing up where they should in label searches. We can certainly add more, just try to keep it to these categories if possible. If not, let me know so I can add it to the list!

- Main Dish
- Casseroles
- Chicken
- Beef
- Pork
- Seafood
- Vegetarian
- Breads
- Appetizer
- Cakes
- Candy
- Muffins
- Cupcakes
- Dessert
- Cookies and Squares
- Pies and Tarts
- Pasta
- Salad
- Soups/Stews
- Side Dish
- Vegetables

- Slowcooker
- Ethnic (note: we can expand this category if you guys want?)
- Beverages
- Jams, Jellies and Spreads
- Grilling
- Sauces and Marinades
- Christmas
- Meal plans (if anyone has the whole week planned and wants to share the whole weeks recipes!)
- Breakfast
- Freezer Friendly
- Light (for weight conscious meals, we could potentially add other categories like Low Sodium, Heart Conscious [though i don't really know what that means] or Gluten Free if you guys want?)

To label your post:
At the bottom right of the post creation screen (where you put in your recipe/post) there is a box that says "Labels for this post". Click on the button that says "Show All", then you will see all the available labels! Click on whatever is appropriate for your recipe. This will also ensure that if someone comes to our blog looking for recipes of a specific category that they will be able to find them just by clicking on the category of their choice.

You can certainly use more than one tag for each recipe/post. Photos welcome!! Add any details like if you tweaked the original recipe, how everyone in your house likes the recipe. If you borrowed the recipe from another blog, please provide the link to the original post in case someone else wants to go to their blog and poke around for more recipes.

Same rules on Hitched apply here as well, please use proper spelling, grammar and punctualization. I would hope that before your post goes up here that if you are unsure of anything that you would run it through a spell checker first, if there are errors please don't be offended if I correct them! No internet shorthand or text speak please.

And have fun! I can't wait to see what everyone has to share! :D

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